You Will Scan Your Fingerprint

I work at two jobs to get some easy cash while I’m saving money at home.

The first job where I learn about Electronics, the second is at a local supermarket. Of course, if you as a normie count helping out locally as a job, then I guess that counts as a third job. The problem I’ve run into at my supermarket though is their time-stamping feature. Sure I don’t mind being a slave to you, stamping my time coming to or from break or to or away from work, but the fact they first require you to register 1-3 fingerprints is absolutely ridiculous.

So, first let’s take it from the view of a company.

They want you to use your fingerprints so they can save money and don’t have to order RFID Keycards or similar!

Win for the company! Right?…

Well, obviously they want to save money everywhere, but the fact they’d rather spend money on forcing us slaves to work on-time than refurbish our slow cash-register-compooters feels like they don’t really care (duh). The problem they’re having is with those who take smoke-breaks often.

So obviously those should walk for 2-3 minutes through the store, stamp, get their cigarettes out, light it, that takes about 1 minute, they smoke it, about 2 minutes have passed, then they stamp back in and walk back to their work taking up 3 minutes again.

Can you believe it?

Almost 10 minutes have passed because someone took a smoke-break!

Am I defending those smoke-breakers? No, not really.

But it really is quite more demotivating to not even be able to enjoy a quick break, maybe 5-10 minutes to take a breather from all of the stress which builds up in a supermarket (e.g. screaming kids, angry customers, non-working tech ((cash-register, printer, bottle-recycler, etc.)), overworked workers, etc.).

So from the companies view, these so-called “workers” or how our higher-ups like to call us “Footnation”, not only waste their time energy and health for literal breadcrumbs of money, but are even as willing to time-stamp with their fingerprints for it which we will “of course” store securely in our servers.

The fact that their Privacy Policy section was only 3-4 lines long convinced me to not give them my fingerprint. What for, even.

So now, from the view of the slave.

ooo high tech i touch oo it beep boop and now i work work

In all seriousness, I think most if not all of the workers I talked to collectively agreed they didn’t even want a time-stamping clock. Especially not one which you would use your finger to stamp in on.

Though, for some odd reason, most just blindly followed, not resisting their chains. Well when my boss asked me to scan my finger, I said I didn’t want to. He said he wanted a “good reason” for it, I told him 1-2 arguments, he gave up and ordered a keycard.

It’s that simple.

Maybe it had to do with him knowing I am a bit more tech-savvy than him, or maybe he just didn’t care, but nevertheless, I’m not the one to give out my fingerprint to a company I work at.

I was also quite confused when another colleague approached me and said “I didn’t even know we had an alternative.”, if you’re one of them, please be the one to ask questions. Even if they’re super dumb to ask, it’s easier to just ask them than running blindly against a wall when you could’ve taken off your blindfolds.

They might threaten to replace you, and if they do, then you can bet that they are looking but can’t find anyone.

That’s how it goes mostly in our supermarket, most hard-working slaves stay there and threaten to leave, just to be given a pat on the shoulder while they’re saying “you’re a good slave. pls don’t make us look for other slaves, it is time-consuming and time is money!!!!”.

And remember

a keycard is easy to replace, your fingerprint isn’t

This means that even if it’s super-secured with so-called “military encryption” Or they’re saying that your data is being compressed Or that the tech is only creating a vague image of your fingerprint

You should always remember that everything is exploitable in some way. As secure as it might sound, it just means it’s going to take longer to break into. And honestly, I doubt that your fingerprints will be “securely stored” in a local remote server of your company. Even as “compressed” as your data might be.

It’s even quite interesting how my boss tried to explain me the tech, saying it only creates “small lines” which were detected from your fingerprint. I don’t personally understand the specific proprietary tech they use, because it’s proprietary. But what I do understand is that it has a sensor, which scans my fingerprint and then analyses it by comparing it to a database of fingerprints which it hopefully but most-unlikely has stored locally.

And all of that for time-stamping.

Sounds like it’s coming from a dystopian sci-fi movie but it’s unsurprisingly the truth.

So in the future, we will most likely time-stamp with voice-recognition which can detect your ethnicity, language skills and health by comparing it to their “local” database. We’ll have to accept their proprietary unchanging Privacy Policies by saying lines like “I am willing to be an obedient slave and I follow your politics blindly.”

don’t fall for these unnecessary guidelines

Edit: I’ve checked out their letter again.

In the explanation of the tech behind it, it goes on to say that through mathematical algorythm, there is no finger image to be reconstructed using the data collected by the sensor. Sure sounds nice, though I don’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes what that proprietary stamping clock does. They go on to say that there is only a Template of your finger being made which is being recognized and created through crossing lines of your fingerprint.

Privacy Notice: The system saves only calculated, compressed data of the template. The biological fingerprint cannot be recreated through this technology. >insert standardized thing they follow.<

Now sure, some of you might now say “so you were wrong, I’m going to let it scan a template of my fingerprint now” to which I say, now they might be a template but how can you be sure a firmware update of their proprietary device is not going to change that? You can’t, so I’d rather avoid scanning it altogether than scan it in hopes of them not changing anything to it in the future.

And it’s still just for a ridiculous timestamping clock.

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