Generation Z. Or my Generation, infact. We are the last generation which has the last of the latin alphabet in it’s name. We think of ourselves as carrying the burden of the last generation and always thinking how to do better. We think of ourselves as having to put through with the things created before our generations and having to solve them.

Yet what we don’t realize is that we think too much. We think too much of what we have to do. We think too much of what has been done. We think too much of what others in our generation or different or coming ones do. And especially we think too much like we are experts in certain fields.

We don’t focus on who we really are. We don’t focus on what’s really infront of us. We don’t focus on life as itself.

Instead, we like to numb ourselves with ideas from “innovative” minds. We numb ourselves with likes and numbers going up. We numb ourselves with always seeing what others do. We numb ourselves with what gets lied to us everyday. We numb ourselves with following the norm. We numb ourselves with having to accept what others think and not tolerate or disagree. We numb ourselves with disputes, rage, drugs, sugar, chemicals, worldly influences which in the end do not even matter.

We numb ourselves with what’s temporary.

Generation Z. This is not a term for who we are. This term is not set in time. It doesn’t make us majourly different from what other generations think. This is a term made by us humans to have a term for something. It is not something which defines us or others. It is not something which doesn’t define us or others. It is something made up by us, hoping the imaginary puzzle piece somehow fits into that portrait of ours for which we cannot see but only imagine.

We nowadays do certainly have a much bigger and broader sort of power looking upon us and making us worry about worldly desires. But what we do not see is that it is temporary. For what you create is not. Ideas and things surpass what is flesh. What is temporary. What really matters is God’s Plan for us.

To conclude this small thought of mine I want to leave you with certain words of what a friend of mine told me and also an image I found quite interesting:

The worldly life is nothing but an illusionary enjoyment. So repent and God will be merciful with your sins and let you inside his paradise where you will find eternal happiness. Don’t get attached with this world, because it is temporary.

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