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About | NetInfection


What’s this website about?

I decided one day after traversing the Web that I want to create my own personal website. It should have a name which is easy to remember, so I decided for netinfection.

You might ask yourself though: But why netinfection? What does it mean? To me, the thought of an Infection which could originate from the Internet could be plausible.

Ofcourse, not in a sense of bodily harm, but more-or-less like mental or even spiritual harm. The netinfection would demotivate you and use you for their own good, much like every socialmedia-site out there now … or should I say, parasite.

In my eyes however, you should try to create something out of the things you’re interested in. Not as in following the norm, since everyone and their grandmothers has a gaming channel or even thought about making one, but I do mean something original or unique. If you try to create your own site, I’m certain alot of creative ideas will come rushing to you. And if not, then it’s still worth trying out.

Who are you?

My name is Stefan (or call me Steve in English). I was born and raised in Germany while my parents come from the former USSR, from Russia and Ukraine accordingly.

I am an Internet dweller just like you probably are, but after getting fed up with Social Media, I’ve decided to take back the control of my own data and in turn my own life.

So after a journey of exploration into Linux, open-source, selfhosting, privacy, security and the like, I’ve come more and more to the conclusion that this is the way alot more people should try.

Will it be an easy road?

Nope. It wasn’t for me and still isn’t quite easy.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. No doubt in my mind.

I’m not interested in clout or fame. I’m more interested in being a rolemodel for someone who comes across my site and stays to read and hopefully learn something. Like you, dear reader.

That’s basically all you’re gonna get from me here. If you wanna know more, feel free to hit me up on my Contactpage.

My plans for this site

Not only do I want to create blogposts, but I also want to create guides myself. They will be part of my projects to come.

The reason for it is because I myself have had a certain person inspire me to become a Landchad. But not only me, just check out the authors of some of the guides. Quite a few have inspiring sites themselves. Like Tom Fasano, to name one for example.

If you’re interested in contacting me to generally talk, please refer to my contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to traverse my site. I appreciate it alot.